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Welcome 2017
Posted by Gary Bild on 05 January 2017 02:08 PM


 Publish Updates comming soon!



CRS Tax Enhancements are now LIVE!


Included in the Enhancement: 


1.       MLS Photos on Property Report and Comparables Report
2.       Boundary measurements for Property Report map
3.       Parcel measurement tool for Maps
4.       Ability to view up to 500 results on map at one time
5.       Ability to print, save, copy, email line length for measurements with one drawing.



Routine Maintenance Notice:

Reminder:  Routine maintenance occurs on Tuesday evenings, between 10 PM PST until 6 AM PST, Wednesday.  During this time frame, it is possible for Paragon and/or the Sandicor Corporate Homepage to be unavailable.


Sandicor is currently involved in various litigation with its shareholders, and its Directors have been advised by counsel not to discuss their personal views of such cases publicly.

In addition, each member of Sandicor’s Board of Directors recognizes and understands that the MLS is the most important tool many of you use in your real estate business, and that any reduction in or interruption of MLS performance would be unacceptable.

The Directors of Sandicor are therefore unanimously committed to maintaining a consistently high level of service to all brokers and agents in San Diego County who use Sandicor’s MLS. The Board will continue to work diligently, to the best of our ability, to insure that the pending litigation will not cause any interruption of the MLS to its users.

Sandicor will continue to provide to you the high quality of MLS service you deserve.


Sandicor’s Board of Directors

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